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COMPANY RELEASE: April 16, 2018


OAK ISLAND, North Carolina – April 16, 2018 – Wellness Warrior Herbal Medicines & Essential Oils announced today a company expansion into Family Services.  Spearheading this new line of business out of the Denver-Boulder, Colorado area is Wellness Warrior’s Director of Family Services and Certified Postpartum Doula, Suzanna Miller.  "I am a conscious woman with a powerful voice.  My career experiences have taught me the importance of early intervention and have led me on my path of working with mothers as a supportive and trained professional” said Suzanna Miller.  In February 2018, Miller received her certification with Doulas of North America International.  An experienced member of the Wellness Warrior Team, Miller has been preparing and formulating proprietary WarriorMomma, WellnessChild, and WellnessBaby essential oil blends specifically designed for women and children. 

Wellness Warrior Founder and Executive Director, Kellie Cooney, states “Wellness Warrior Family Services offers to the community of natural healing the opportunity to receive specialized services with a dedicated product line specifically tailored to moms and their new babies, and their children under 80 lbs. No other company, that we know of, offers this tailored service and we’re proud to lead the industry!”  Cooney further adds, “Herbal medicines complement our bodies and provide a solid basis for the healing process to begin.  Our team believes this and it is the core of who we are as a business.  We are honored and excited to have Suzanna Miller’s expertise in family services, vaccine safety, and postpartum doula support as grounds for Wellness Warrior Family Services.”

Wellness Warrior Family Services highlights their family product line - WarriorMomma , WellnessChild , and WellnessBaby blends, and will continue to create more products for pregnancy, postpartum, and children.  In addition to family-oriented products, Wellness Warrior Family Services will provide educational services centered around conscious conception/pregnancy planning, neuroscience, infant development, vaccine safety, how to increase oxytocin, as well as proper use of Wellness Warrior’s proprietary products.  In addition, webinars will be offered for clients as a way for families to connect with others nationwide to build a village of support.

Miller adds, “I am becoming the spokesperson for all mothers and my on-going training supports my professional development.  Each families' needs are a little different but the underlying universal needs are there for each mother.  I respect families and understand that it is the hardest job in the world!  I am making a difference in bringing peace, knowledge, nurturance, and guidance to empower families near and far.  Love conquers all!"  Miller’s proven record of dedication to the newborn child, the postpartum mother, and their entire family, coupled with Wellness Warrior’s organic products, commitment to wellness, and branding are what will drive success for this new branch of the business.  For more information or to inquire about Wellness Warrior Family Services, feel free to email Suzanna Miller at .

About Suzanna (Mitchell) Miller

Over the past 10 years, Miller has worked in many different environments with children.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development at the University of Kentucky (2011). After graduating college, she worked in an Autism clinic, and research facility at Yale (University) Child Study Center in the Neuroscience Lab researching Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Miller has served over 50 families as a nanny and 10 families as a postpartum doula.  She has worked in daycares, schools, and in a hospital as a Behavioral Specialist for Child and Adult Psychiatry.  Through these work experiences, Miller recognized her passion for holistic health.  Miller is a childhood vaccine safety advocate and can help families navigate some of the confusing and difficult choices faced with vaccinations. The expansion into Family Services allows Miller the opportunity to holistically bridge family life with the healing properties of essential oils and herbs as well as growing the Family Wellness line of products.  Check out her blog at

About Wellness Warrior

Wellness Warrior is dedicated to providing a natural option to clients who are looking to replace pharmaceuticals with herbs and essential oils.  Our herbal medicines are extracted from USDA and QAI certified organic herbs; all herbs are organic or wildcrafted, and many are Kosher certified.  We are proud to offer only the best essential oils!  All oils are USDA organic, pure, and therapeutic grade; all products are free of GMOs and gluten.  In addition to exceptional products, Wellness Warrior educates clientele on the safe and effective use of their products.   For every order placed, Wellness Warrior donates one oil to a person or community in need through our 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, Wellness Warrior Foundation.  For more information on Wellness Warrior, visit our website at or contact us at 1.800.oil.herb.

Media Contact: Carrie Howell Director of Communications and Media Relations

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