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Become a member of Wellness Warrior Foundation and join our dedicated team of givers.  


As a member, you will receive monthly a newsletter and have insider access to mission trips, travel abroad, and educational opportunities before the general public.  Your annual fee will help support our mission and reach people with little to no access to healthcare on a global level.  Members also receive a 15% discount on all Wellness Warrior products and extra opportunities to earn points for purchases.  This is a great way to build your wellness and emergency herbal medicine kits at home!

Prices listed reflect a discount when annual membership is paid in full.

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Science Lab Student
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As a general member, you will gain all of the benefits as listed above and be able to join us on mission trips abroad and join our team during deployments in response to natural disasters.

$99 if paid in full or monthly installments of  $9.99 ($119.88)



For those who want to get familiar with how we work, this is a great way to cover all the bases at reduced rates!  All students in all disciplines are welcome to join.  Additional opportunities are available exclusively for students of naturopathic medicine, botanical medicine, and aromatherapy!

$55 if paid in full or monthly installments of $5.99 ($71.88)



For individuals who want to make the biggest impact, the lifetime membership is the best option for you.  It provides much needed funds up front for a lifetime of opportunities to serve, right at your fingertips.  In addition to the benefits gained in the annual membership, lifetime members will receive 20% off all Wellness Warrior products and exclusive opportunities for your voice to be heard during biannual open board meetings where lifetime members may take the floor to discuss what is important to you.

No monthly installment options are available.

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