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We know you're excited to put your hands to work and know the fruit of your labor will pay dividends in the lives of others.  Here are some projects you can contribute to either in person or with your financial gifts.



The Clean Water Project provides clean water to individuals, families, and communities in need.  We have served communities in Uganda, Africa & Puerto Rico with community water filtration systems which have provided life-saving clean water to their communities.  We are currently raising funds to provide clean water to communities in Africa, Navajo Nation in Arizona, USA, and most recently Jackson, Mississippi, USA - who recently suffered a water crisis!

Waiting In Line


We are so excited to provide the southwest region with a mobile herbal medicine and disaster trailer!  This unique and first-in-the-nation trailer is being designed to respond to emergency and natural disasters to aid in providing immediate, volunteer assistance to communities affected by disaster.  Our one-of-a-kind model will eventually be expanded through our growing chapters around the US.  The mobile trailers will provide everything needed during our medical clinics, however be packaged  and ready to go within hours of deployment allowing our practitioners to arrive on scene quickly with all the tools needed to get right to work.


We have all heard personal stories of how COVID-19 has affected someone we know or love.  Our relief project directly impacts communities at the ground level.  We are providing herbal medicine relief, free clinics, food, water, clothing, and donated supplies to those in need.  We have been working with Navajo Nation in Arizona, to provide food, water, medicine, and cleaning supplies.  Without these life-saving measures provided for them, community members would need to travel 100-300 miles round trip for basic supplies.

This life saving project provides an immediate relief to those in need.  It costs our organization $500 and 12 hours of time to complete one supply run.  

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