Volunteer to Join us in Uganda, Africa on our medical mission trip in Feb 2018

In situations where medicine is unavailable, too expensive or not the preferred method of caring for sickness, we provide an alternative.  Used for preventative and wellness care as well as in remote and post-disaster environments, herbal medicines are the choice treatment for many people around the world.  Join us as we work in the US and travel abroad to educate, administer herbs, and work in herbal medicine clinics. 


To Promote sustainability and wellness iunderserved 

and impoverished communities worldwide through 

education, herbal medicine use, and post-disaster relief. 

Most of us are fortunate enough to turn on a faucet and access earth's most essential gift.  But for tens of millions of people, access to clean water is difficult, and in some remote places, nearly impossible.  Often times kids can't attend school because they're needed to walk miles to a well in an adjacent community to gather clean water for their family. Wellness Warrior Foundation is proud to offer two alternatives to quench their thirst and keep kids in school.

Are you looking for a way to serve others?  We love volunteers!  

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Tiny drops of oil containing the healing power of plants can be the difference between life and death in remote areas.

We're passionate about helping people learn how to use plant's most precious gift to us - their medicines!  Through education and training, we're working with leaders to build sustainable communities.  Our current project is underway in Uganda, Africa where we're relocating 40 orphaned children to the sustainable community we're helping to build.​