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Purchase a LifeStraw for you or donate one to the cause.  LifeStraw will donate 10% back to us to support clean drinking water initiatives.  Click on the picture to the right to be redirected to our Clean Water Project page where you can read about the specific needs and ways you can provide clean drinking water to people and communities in need.

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Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria with wind speeds over 160 mph hit the small island of Vieques located 7 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017.  This small island has been devastated without running water, power, gasoline, or communications.  The 9,000 residents, many of whom are US mainland retirees, are without hope that their small community will ever return to pre-storm conditions.

We are in dire times and support is absolutely necessary.  We are praying, that with your support, we can send tokens of hope in the way of clean drinking water.  We are partnering with LifeStraw and a local group called ViequesLove to bring hope to this community.

We will continue to provide updates on our Facebook Page. 

Vieques, Puerto Rico


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