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Your Purchases Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

Wellness Warrior supports communities in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Uganda, Africa with free botanical medicines and essential oil products as part of our One Order = One Oil Campaign. We believe everyone should have access to wellness care so we're doing our part one order at a time.

Meet Eszera

All Orders Make a Difference

Did you know for every order placed through Wellness Warrior, we donate one oil or herbal product to a person or community in need?  How cool is it that YOU'RE making a difference with each purchase you make?

In 2017, we donated 50 lbs of herbs and 1,280 bottles of essential oils to people in need.

Meet Eszera from Uganda.  Along with 19 other orphaned children in Jinja, Uganda, she received essential oils and herbal medicines to care for her medical needs. In addition to caring for the children from God's Care Community Ministries, a team of dedicated practitioners treated 600 adult and 1200 children in four herbal clinics in different communities in and around Jinja, Uganda, located in East Africa. We're excited to continue to support our communities and extend a sincere appreciation to our customers for their continued support.

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