We are excited you're here to learn more about how you can be involved in a future mission trip.  This page will change frequently as we continue to add opportunities for people like you to be involved with Wellness Warrior Foundation, making a difference in lives around the world.


Medical personnel are welcomed to join us on a medical mission trip.  We need doctors, nurses, and paramedics to set up medical clinics and aid communities with their basic health care needs. You will work with a local doctor who will provide the local-link required in order to provide care in remote areas. We'd love to have someone experienced in COMMUNITY PARAMEDICINE to join us on our next trip! Community paramedicine is working in the United States and introducing the program to clinics in remote areas will provide remote care while securing employment for the medically trained who are currently living in remote areas.


  • Provided medical clinics focused on allopathic medicine, herbal medicine, essential oil care, traumatic care, pregnancy care, & mental health counseling for poor and underserved communities abroad.
  • Provided education on nutrition, handwashing and communicable disease prevention, vitamins and minerals (including vitamins and minerals found in food).
  • Work with local medical professionals who understand the local language and can make medical referrals, if needed.
  • In 2009 we were able to refer a small child to a physician who was able to arrange for an urgent surgery needed to remove a tumor that we found while doing a routine well-child visit in a remote community. The child was taken to Germany where the surgery was performed.
  • Established a relationship with the HIV clinic in Jinja, Uganda and arranged for HIV testing and treatment for 40 orphaned children.
  • Conducted medical checks on orphaned and vulnerable children in communities and orphanages in multiple cities in Uganda.


Herbal medicine practitioners & students are welcome to join us on all our domestic and travel abroad missions.  Our foundation is focused on teaching self-reliance and building a foundation for sustainability within poor and impoverished communities around the globe. Herbal Medicine is easily accessible in every nation, and with proper education and training, it is possible for the layperson to learn a skill that could provide a sustainable, long-term source of income, along with providing superior medical and preventable care within their community.


  • Collaborated with local healers, educators, and non-profit NGOs to provide herbal care for community citizens.
  • Traveled to remote areas called the "bush" to render herbal medical aid to remote communities
  • Taught herbal medicine courses to orphanage staff
  • Taught orphanage staff how to use essential oils
  • Created an opportunity for ongoing herbal research.


You don't have to be a certified teacher to join our team! We're looking for people who are genuine and have a love for children. You will work with 5-40 kids at a time teaching, playing, dancing, & singing. There's a possibility you may learn more from these precious kids than you'll teach them.


  • Taught English to kids ages 3-16 (English is their national language, but most people also speak 1-4 tribal languages).
  • Taught writing to kids ages 10-18. If children can learn to write, their chances of success in a professional role increase.
  • Taught games like "Red Rover, Red Rover" and "Duck, Duck, Goose!", & card games to kids of all ages.
  • Taught sports such as; basketball, soccer (football), football (American), & Frisbee.


From helping with the kids to setting up clinics and helping us run our field apothecary, we are in need to volunteers who are willing to help support the demands the bush might bring us.


  • Played with children in the villages
  • Assisted with set-up operations of tents and field medical clinics
  • Cleaned patients for medical procedures
  • Helped prepare the apothecary/pharmacy before our guests (patients) arrived
  • Completed intake forms for our guests
  • Prepared meals with people from indigenous cultures
  • Met with community leaders to develop their personal goals
  • Built relationships to further personal development and professional goals

The Eden Project
Feed a Family

Herbal Medicine Mission Trip - Feb 2019

Join us in 2019 as we travel to Uganda, Africa to work with the people of Jinja.  

  • Land purchase and building of homes for 40 orphaned children
    Build an herbal medicine clinic
    Build a single-room schoolhouse that will be added upon annually

  • Set up herbal medicine clinics for villagers in remote areas

  • Teach herbal medicine practices to orphanage leaders

  • Work and play with orphans

  • Build an additional school room (ongoing annual project)

Current Projects

Feed a Family

Love Based Medicine


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mission trips

Herbal Medicine Mission Trip - Feb 2020

Join us in 2020 as we travel to Uganda, Africa to work with the people of Jinja.  

  • Set up herbal medicine clinics for villagers in remote areas

  • Teach herbal medicine practices to orphanage leaders

  • Work and play with orphans

  • Build an additional school room (ongoing annual project)

Herbal Medicine Mission Trip - Feb 2018
oin us in 2018 as we travel to work in Uganda, Africa 

The current project consists of: 
  • Set up herbal medicine clinics for villagers in remote areas
  • Participate with Sole Hope in foot care and jigger removal clinics
  • Care for 40 orphaned children living in a small three-room house
  • Provide medical exams and HIV testing for children
  • Continue teaching herbal medicine and essential oil use for adults and children
  • Exchange PenPal letters and establish relationships with North Pointe Elementary School, Hebron, KY