Kellie Cooney - Executive Director;  Chair of the Board

Kellie spent over two decades traveling the backcountry of the United States, Mexico, and eastern Africa.  She worked as a medical missionary in Uganda, Africa where the resources of government lack but the people are strong and persistent! Using these opportunities, she established relationships with NGO and government officials and has been able to establish ongoing support for children in need.

She created the company 
Wellness Warrior, whose line of herbal medicines and essential oils was birthed from these experiences and the desire to see people around the world have the opportunity to be well naturally, especially when the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing, or nonexistent in some nations.

She continues to study Ethnomedicine (how indigenous people use plants as medicine) and botanical safety to encourage others to better understand how natural medicine works and can heal the body.  Sustainability is a passion of hers and she is excited to one day live off the grid.

Her love for the indigenous people of Africa and natural healing turned into an opportunity to bring plant medicines and essential oils to vulnerable children in Uganda. Wellness Warrior Foundation was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization in 2015 out of these experiences and the opportunity to truly change a life.

Derek Bible - Director of Funds Acquisition

If asked, many consider Derek a “tinker’, ‘Jack of all trades’, a fixer of broken toys and the occasional broken wing or injured animal.  Many others offer more colorful monikers.  He is a self-professed long haired country boy, who enjoys the simple things in life while striving to preserve the peaceful backwoods lifestyle he shares with his partner of 10 years, Lauren, and their two children. They are currently developing their homestead surrounded by the East Texas Pine Forest using earth-friendly sustainable methods, recycled and reused materials, solar/off-grid power sources and ‘good ole redneck ingenuity’.

Being a student of many things, he uses his what he has learned to overcome local issues. In response to the loss of the local clinic in his area, he began to study intently on plant medicine. He now treats several clients and has opened an apothecary to treat people in the low-income areas surrounding him. He uses his knowledge of construction to assist the elderly and low-income in his area with low-cost or free alternative methods to repair old and neglected homes.

He offers a diverse set of skills, ranging from areas of conventional construction, French cooking, wilderness survival, knitting, and crocheting.  He holds a license as an Able Bodied Seaman in Bolivia, a B.A. degree in Project Management with an emphasis on Organizational Management, has worked as a Certified Suez Chef, managed a horse rescue, a veteran, and has traveled worldwide. If asked if there is anything he has not done, his response is “ Nope, Just some stuff I haven't done Yet.”

Wellness Warrior Foundation was established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization providing global herbal medical relief.  We support sustainable living using herbal medicines and their essential oil counterparts as a primary source of healthcare for people living in remote areas where access to advanced health care is limited, not available, or unwanted.  This model allows for our staff and volunteers to train community members so they may financially profit from the sale of herbal medicines to their community, contributing to self-sustainability.

Wellness Warrior Foundation provides educational opportunities for wilderness and post-disaster herbal medicine, herbal product development, herbal medicine mission trips, and herbal medicine wilderness survival training.  Our services promote the responsible use of herbal medicines from preventative, everyday home care to post-disaster, tropical, and austere environments.

Information on upcoming medical mission trips and educational opportunities can be found here.

Get to know us

Suzanna Miller - Director of Community Outreach; Vice Chair of the Board

Suzanna is the co-creator of Wellness Warrior's Family Wellness line of herbal products and essential oils; Warrior Momma and Warrior Child.  Suzanna is a certified postpartum doula in Boulder, Colorado.  She studies wise womb medicine, aromatherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Suzanna is a childhood vaccine safety advocate and is passionate about conscious conception.  Her biggest passion is sustainability.  She believes in a paradigm of living close to nature using resources mother earth provides; solar and wind energies, rainwater harvesting and filtration, growing nutritious food, and much more! Suzanna's experience living "off the grid" has been transformative in her life work.   She is inspired by her sustainable house in Puerto Rico. 

Over the past 10 years, Suzanna has worked in many different environments with children.  After graduating college, she worked in an Autism clinic, and research facility at Yale (University) Child Study Center in the Neuroscience Lab researching Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Suzanna has worked with over 50 families in the past 10 years as a nanny.  She has also worked in daycares, schools, and in a hospital as a Behavioral Specialist for Child and Adult Psychiatry.  Through these work experiences, Suzanna recognized her passion for holistic, preventative health and early intervention.  She is inspired by aromatherapy and has been able to use the Wellness Warrior essential oil blends she's created with the children she currently cares for, including her signature I AM Safe blend, for nightmares and Dilate the Cervix blend, for childbirth.  She is blessed to be able to work with families on a daily basis using the custom blends she creates.  Suzanna looks forward to bridging family life (pre-pregnancy onward) with the healing properties of essential oils and herbs, as well as, growing the Wellness Warrior's Family Wellness line of products.

Meet our Team

 Carrie Howell - Director of Communications and Media Relations; Secretary and Treasurer of the Board

Carrie graduated with honors in May 2017, with her Bachelor of Communication degree from Thomas More College.  She is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a National Scholastic Honor Society for Catholic colleges, as well as Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's honor society.  She has a proven record of excellent customer service, sales, and marketing experience, along with training in media and advertising.

Carrie is happily married to her husband, Brennan for 15 years.  They have four children ranging from ages 5-18 and reside in Hebron, Kentucky.  Carrie's passion in life is her family!  She actively volunteers at her children's elementary school, works at a local farm, and served two years as an elected member of the Kentucky Department of Education's School-Based Decision-Making council.  When she is not coaching soccer, she loves to be on the sideline cheering on all her kids as they play sports.  She enjoys camping and caving with her family, golfing with her husband, catching up on a good book, and getting dirty gardening.  Over the years, Carrie has begun to develop a stronger appreciation for what nature provides us so that we can better manage our own health; she is excited to be part of the Wellness Warrior Foundation team!